Fun Corporate Team Names – Chic and Classy Ideas

Fun corporate team names are not that difficult to visualize as people generally think. With little creativity and humor, you can create names that stand out.

A team name reflects its members’ thought process, talent, and general knowledge. Overall, it gives others an insight into the personality of the team. Therefore, it is important how you name your team.

Choose a name that is catchy and best suits your group. Here are some suggestions that can make team naming easier and more fun. You can try numerous variations too. 


Names Based on your Department 

You can name your team on the basis of the work you do. Choose a catchy name that describes the essence of your work. Add a little creative color to it. Some examples include: 

  • Problem Solvers (Customer Service)
  • Stellar Sellers (Sales)
  • Raging Researchers (Research Division, of course)

Names Based on Events

Name your team after the event you are participating in. This can be cultural, sports, or others. Ensure that your team name reflects the tone of the event. For example an aggressive name would not suit a cultural event just as a soft one would sound odd for a sporting event. Some suggestions include:

  •  Fiery Fighters
  •  Valiant Victors
  •  Magnificent Monarchs
  •  Wonder Creators
  •   The Spirited
  •   Stars

Names Based on Gender

If yours is an all-guy team, then you can be:

  • Wild Wolves
  •  Towering Tornados
  •  Flaming Tigers
  •  Roaring Lions
  •  Mighty Warriors

A full girl-team can create an impact as:

  • Dazzling Blooms
  • Butterflies
  • Firestorms
  • Golden Girls
  •  Glittering Angel

Names Based on Color

Show color power with such names as:

  • Orange Planets
  •  Red Bulls
  •  Pink Punchers
  •  White Angels
  •   Blue Demons

Team naming is not an easy task. A lot of work goes into it. Team members need to sit together and discuss; exchange, consider and analyze ideas; and arrive at the ideal name. Strong team collaboration is essential for this process. In fact, team-naming builds good interpersonal skills. Here’s wishing your team the best name!


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