Ideas for Team Name for Relay for Life: Themes to Choose from

To participate in the Relay for Life event which celebrates the continual fight against cancer by mankind you have to first of all form a team. Then you have to give it a name and finally register online. There are numerous themes on which you can name your team and you can gather team name ideas for Relay for Life from the following discussion. (Photocredit)

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School or University theme: This is a very popular theme. Forming school or university teams is comparatively easier as you get the members in one place. Students and teachers could form a team and name it after the institution or a class. There are various societies in colleges and universities. The team could be use the name of such a society.

Entertainment theme: You can use the name of some comic super hero or your favorite movie as a name of your team. You can even name it after a famous singer or actor. For example Superman Cancer Fighters or the Rolling Stone Society against Cancer could be names for your team.

Holiday theme: Christmas Cancer Conquerors, Halloween Scares Cancer, Valentine Cancer Vindicators could be names based on holidays for your team.

Hobby theme: You could call your team the Angling Angels, or Glide against Cancer if your hobby is angling or hang gliding. This is also a popular theme.

Sports theme: After the school theme this is the most popular for naming teams for the Relay for Life. Soccer Spooks, Kick out Cancer, Bat for Cancer Cure are names that could be used for your team.

Food theme: Names based on foodstuff are also popular. Cookies for Cancer, Pastries to Part with Cancer, Eat Cancer Away are some examples of this theme.

Names based on professions, Managers Might Fights Cancer, can also be used. Cartoon character, cultural and historical monuments and sites, foreign countries, angels and fairies are other themes for selecting team names. Farm themes, famous characters both actual and fictional, are also quite popular.

Once the selection of the theme is done you can in consultation with your teammates, form a name for the team, but whatever name you choose it should denote perpetual fight between humans and the dreaded disease, cancer.

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